We are not lovers anymore

We are not lovers anymore

We are just two strangers,

With a lot of kisses

And a few secrets

With unfulfilled oaths

And false hopes

We are not lovers anymore.


We sought to build a home together,

We trusted that illusion

Disguised as forever.

We willingly poured out

our souls to each other,

Only to relaise later

That our feelings had started to whither.


We crafted magic

Using words

And for each other

Wrote a number of verse.

But somehow,

It was never enough

And there will be a day.

When we will be avenged by love

For we fell in it,

But not in the right way

And today our paths separate

Leaving two souls astray.

Days have passed

And wounds have turned sore

We tried,

But we are not lovers anymore.



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  • NEO NEO says:

    every writer's story....

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