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I guess you’re a big fan of MARVEL Universe. So let’s get started to discuss about the blockbuster movie Thor: Ragnarok. But before I start, I would caution you that this article has some jaw steepening spoilers. So continue reading only if you want to get the insights of this movie.

Just before the christmas Taika Waititi had given us a gift that all us movie-maniac people are waiting for by releasing the insanely funniest superhero movie of the year, Thor: Ragnarok. Taika Waititi the man behind “Two Cars, One Night” that I love, so I was pretty excited to see what he could do with a Marvel movie. Also he has said that 80% of this movie was improvised and fairly it happened. In movie you’ll get everything that each and every comic book lover wants. About 6 months before the release, the trailer was launched and it set the standard of being the best em all superhero trailer till now. And Marvel doing better and better with their trailers that brings more audiences. Cherry of the cake was the Immigrant song that made it more special. This is hands-down far away better than any comic-con trailer that I’ve ever seen. I hope that they do this for all the Marvel films. If you had noticed in trailer, they’ve mentioned that this movie is a “ROAD TRIP” just because they talk about all the new lands. They’re going to be visiting different corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we’ve never seen before in a very cosmic way. Marvel’s production design is so much better in Phase-3. So much more beautiful & colorful. Thor is one of those Marvel movie which is getting better & better in every sequel. And what I loved most about this movie was that actually they have the immigrant song in the movie, it wasn’t just for the trailer. Large portion of Thor Ragnarok is inspired by planet hulk from the comic book. So the plot of the movie resembles to that of Game of Thrones, who’s going to be the skeleton setting on the throne.

While Thor and Hulk were busy in fighting, Hella “The Goddess of Death”threatens to destroy all of Asgard. In comics, Thenos kissing Hella because she wants to get her realm back. He can help make that happen, He is all about death & she rules over death. Hella was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. first appeared in Journey into Mystery #102. Odin named her the Goddess of the Dead. In comics she’s the “Daughter” of the trickster god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Yeah you’ve heard it correct that she was daughter of trickster Loki. But in movie she’s long-lost sister of Thor and Loki, and daughter of Odin. This isn’t one change from comics: if you have noticed that Odin says to Thor that he is stronger than him in middle of movie, but that’s one of the changes from the comics and many more. We meet Valkyrie character played by Tessa Thompson, She’s called Scrapper 142 that’s a reference to the Incredible Hulk number 142. She drunk all time but fights back strongly. We’ll know more about her to the next upcoming movies. The play at the beginning of the movie where the event was all about the ending moment of the Thor: The Dark World, that was Matt DamonLuke Hamsworth (Brother of Chris Hamsworth) and Sam Neill, in case you’ve missed it. The character name Skurge played by Karl Urban originally a comic book character where his name was Skurge the Executioner, but in the movie Hella gave him a name by making him the executioner of her.

When Ragnarok started, the action scene before the Title Sequence was the laudable one from the whole film. So what is Ragnarok? Ragnarok is the cycle of the destruction of Asgard all being within Asgard including Thor & Odin as well as Loki and then rebirth of Asgard. Origin of Asgard is given to us in Thor annual issue number five in 1976. And Asgard come up as a people not a place, Strange! So Thor has all his super power as long as people of Asgard will live. Moving forward to The Politest Villain in MCU known as Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum was rule the planet Sakaar. Hulk has been on this planet fighting in the arena for a long time (2 years as per the Banner) ever since the end of the first Avengers: Age of Ultron. So how he ended up on Sakaar. Gates in space that allows him to travel through wormholes all over the universe that’s how he got there, Otherwise it would take entire lifetime to just to get to the other part of the galaxy. Forget the other part of the universe. During Thor and Loki come back toward Asgard Hella kicked out (accidentally during fight) both of them to junk planet Sakaar. On sakaar specially the craziest moment was the cameo of Stan Lee who gave new haircut to the Thor. And Doctor Strange cameo scene where I laughed the most in the entire movie. That scene shows that Thor has no idea about how much Dr. Strange is capable of and the how powerful doctor strange is. And this happened after the Doctor Strange movie so that we can see that Dr. Strange seems much familiar with his power and he can control it easily.

After getting information about the Odin they went to Norway reunited with the dying Odin. After that both brother meets to the Hella AKA Goddess of Death. Within a sec. Hella smashes Thor’s hammer by telling him “You’ve no idea what is possible my dear!!!”. In fact Thor never needed the hammer,

it was only there to help focus his lighting power. In a comic Hammer itself alive and it decides who is worthy enough. And now Hammer get destroyed and never get back so forget the hammer. By moving forward, Thor and Loki had a big fight with Hella and both brothers ended up to planet sakaar, and the weakest part of movie came. Maximum time of the movie spent on planet sakaar. The big battle between Hero and Villain finished very quickly. And this is not the problem with this movie only, this problem happening with almost every MARVEL movie that you can not understand the real comic book power of Villains. From Villain point of view, Avenger and Civil War are my best. Actually what happens, in trailers we saw Hella to destroy Thor’s hammer like it’s just piece of shit. So we all get crazy and can’t wait for movie. But when we come into the theatre Villain killed in a few minutes, no big battle moment! Plus we know that Thor became GOD OF THUNDER but didn’t get familiar with the power he get. In addition as for issues with the movie yes there are lot of jokes and sometimes they may have been just a few too many so after wrapped up all story still seems missing. You make us all laugh; accepted. You’ve worked hard on CGI; accepted. But we need more Story with Villain part.

And surprisingly Ragnarok include only 1 Post Credit scene. Usually MARVEL includes more than 1 Post Credit scenes, One about what’s gonna happen in next and One which is connected to Infinity War. But Thor: Ragnarok is like the last one to set up what’s going on during infinity war, therefore it conducted only one Post Credit scene. So Thunder and smash! all over the movie. Thor became god of thunder that we knew and now they made him god of humore as well. As much fun as Goldblum brings to the party, this is really Cate Blanchett’s show. Hella is impressive, Hulk started talking, Valkyrie is badass, Dr. strange cameo is biggest bonus, Loki is still Loki and Thor became God of Thunder. I’ve enjoyed or you can say entertained whole movie but Story and Villain part makes me little upset. If they can reduce the time period on Sakaar and invested on Villain and the real power of God of Thunder it may ended up the best MARVEL movie so far. Hope there’re working on it.

It’s still very much a Marvel movie, with visible fingerprints of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Overall movie is so good compare to other previous franchises and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of comic book or not you’ll enjoy the movie and have lot’s of fun. So from my side it’s a big YES, go for it, invest your time in theatre especially in 3D the real one 😆 And don’t leave you chair until the screen turned off, Why? Because it’s MARVEL 😁

Movie: Thor: Ragnarok

Genre: Action, Comedy, Comic Book

Director: Taika Waititi

Cast: Chris HemsworthTom HiddlestonCate BlanchettMark Ruffalo

Rating: 7 / 10

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