The million pieces were wondering ,

have ever been somewhere,

asked by the glow worm,what were u searching.?,

the destiny my dear, the pieces called upon,

the oscillations to stop,and the

reasons to end by dawn.

The million pieces were wondering ,

searching for the path..,

asked by the moon,by having that wrath?

the warrior my dear,the pieces to be regain

the battles of the life

to be a part of pain and gain.

The million pieces were wondering..,

overwhelmed by the boredom.,

asked by the shadow,got the home?

the soul my dear,the pieces to reside,

the magic of the lyrics.,

to keep the beat amplified.

The million pieces were wondering..,

deliberated the locus..,

asked by the vibes,heard the echoes?

the glimpses my dear,the pieces to occupy.,

the lusture of the galaxy..,

embraced the radiants of the sky.


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