It was pleasant and sunny afternoon of Italy, from far you can hear some Italian song playing in a jukebox, the atmosphere looks lovely but the situation was tense, trooped bring gathered in a wide place surrounded by old buildings, they were not ordinary, they specialized in close combat urban warfare against terrorism.

There is an unknown number of terrorist has been spotted, the whole town was evacuated but they captured four civilians, now before they start putting demands or hurting anyone, this elite grope of people need to eliminate them and secure the hostages.

They began slowly, clearing apartment one by one, with their M-16 automated rifle, the terrorist had hardly any chance of survival. When they reach to stairs, they can hear heavy footstep and moaning of the hostage. The leader, whose name was Maverick, open the channel in wireless headset,
"regroup team," he said.

By gesture, he shows the intention that he wants them to back him up on the left and right side.

"I am going in," I said and run toward the hostage area.

Now is that sound familiar? Yes isn't it? Because I was narrating gameplay of the biggest and one of the most favorite games "counter-strike"

It was '08, me and my 3 other friends connected by the internet was playing this. it was sensation and talk of the town at that time. Everybody was playing it. If you have a computer you must had this one. you can play with Bot player or with friends by LAN or the internet. So why exactly I am writing about this now after 9 years.

We all grow up with playing games, rather it was Nintendo and 999999 games in one cassette or now in mobile, playing games is one way to escape the reality for just a few moments.

The magical Hogwarts or open world game like GTA, taking Mario to his princes or crushing candies. we were all been there and done that. It was an addiction at some point but we know it was the love of competitiveness and thrill that drives us. The uncharted territories, hidden clues, hidden door, those fake money which we earn by playing hours and hours and brag to our friends.

Then why do we stop now? Because life happens. We grow

the race of achieving grades, we lost touch with NFS and all the hot pursuit.                                                      

Finding job was important and being stable in life was only our aim.
Because it was not contra or IGI when you get another chance of playing again.

Now when you think about it, and goes to find those old games, trust me when I say, it was long gone. I tried but its really hard to get the original one. And most of us have not in nature to buy those games. So you think, let's play one of the best in today's time. Opps sorry.

Cause your working PC or laptop won't be able to run those smoothly.

Do you have i7 with 4.1 Ghz processor?

How much RAM in your PC? 16GB or up?

You sure you have 3TB of space to spare?

No no, graphics sucks in your device, EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked 4GB is must.

You don't have cooler, dude your PC will melt down in no time

Get a new sound card, get a new case, get a new power supply.

You need to spend more than 1,50,000 rupees to even get started if you want to enjoy.

And then again, high speed and stable internet connection cause you don,t won't be embarrassed in front of all player. You need to spend hours and hours on the internet to learn and connect.

No, no don't get sad, it's ok. You can run few of the game on your PC,

After all, you won't have much time to play.

After your job, your family, your social networking, you would be asleep even before the mission started.

For that, they already invented something called PlayStation and Xbox.

But why is it so important to play video games?

For starter, bringing back childhood memories, connecting with people whom you can share a common subject.

Adding a little thrill in your life, that's what's most important.

You play high action games, where every wrong step leads to a fatality.

You get more concentration in it. Learned to aim and kill.

After killing your opponents, the joy of being a winner and the adrenaline rush is priceless.

You can get out your anger in games, cursing to it or blaming it, which makes you relax.

Ultimately, playing games will bring happiness and peace into your life.

You wake up and run to office in joy cause you just clear the level last night.

You complete your work and ran to home cause there is a new level waiting.

 So what are you waiting for,

Suit up,

Blow the dust away from the mighty gaming skills,

Let's get cranking

Let the room echo your fearsome shooting

Find a couch, find a place to begin the most adventurous journey of your boring sodding life

And if someone comes in your way, just say

"Off my throne, jester. The king sits there."


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