It was Sunday evening and I was completely relaxed on that day as no office and not any social work that day. So, I decided to go to the spiritual place “Tri Mandir” situated at Adalaj, Gandhinagar. We both were happy and feeling spiritualized. We both returned with the positive energy and on the way, we saw Vaishno Devi temple and suddenly, my wife said let’s visit this temple too. I agreed and parked my bike there.

When we started to walk toward the main gate; we are stopped by a transgender. And I think you all know that what’s the purpose of a transgender to stop people? Yes, your thinking is right. He/She (I don’t know what to write.) requested me to give money on behalf of blessing. For a couple, the best blessing is “May God bless you with a son.” Same bless was given to us.

But, I heard the voice from my wife which made me amazed for a moment. And the wordings are “I need a daughter then how could I give money to be blessed with a son?” After hearing such kind of statement, the transgender went away without asking anything, I couldn’t find the reason, why?

I asked her about the same. She said “I like girls, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like boys. But it is my wish that our first child would be a girl (a goddess of wealth.)” This sentence has changed my perception towards her.

“No one can respect women until and unless a woman respects other women.”

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