Comparison Can Make Disruption!  is India's first social comparison network where users can compare anything from anywhere through Text, Image and Video (Coming Soon). Comparison helps users to make fast decisions also its core part of any debate. We can say that comparison is a simple human behavior.

We want or don't, We always compare from Saari to Salsa, from F.R.I.E.N.D.S to How I met your mother?, from Kapil Sharma to Russell Peters OR from our gf/bf to others. Don't you agree that it should have a single platform for all to share and to give an opinion on comparisons.

For that, we built a platform where users can post a comparison for fun, entertainment, debate & sarcasm. Here are some comparisons that posted on by users.

Top 5 best comparison on

1) Whenever I feel the pressure, I sleep 


2) What about you 



3) After so much time I finally learned the TAX system and now they come up with fu**ing GST. It's same like a new and ex. 


4) Are you feeling the Spanish beats 



5) I don't have a clue, why people are watching someone who is speaking abusive words to others.
#ThisIsMyOpinon What's your tell us on by clicking here.



So, If you read this blog till now. We would love to hear from you. Download our Application and give us a review on Top 5 Best reviewers will get the bag full of goodies and social media shout out on our social media pages.

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Let's Make the World Comparatively Awesome

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