"A mans guide to understanding woman" is a 200 page blank book , that tells us its impossible to understand women . Why are Girls so complicated to understand ? Why are they so secretive in nature ? I mean a guy with name Saurab has a password RedRodger998 , Punit's Password is 42RedRoses whereas Payal's password is Payal1996 Dhanya's password is NairDhanya23 ! So simple to guess girls password but their nature is unpredictable !!! Their mood keeps swinging with every passing second . They are happy and in 1/10 of a fraction of second they are in a totally different mood. They just keep wondering most of the time . For Instance , they may be patiently listening to you about how you both will have a bright future and in their mind it will be going like " Omg Simar ke sasural me uski saas ne kya haal kiya hoga ? Riya ko mera headphones wapas dedene chahiye the ! Swetha ka affair wohi ladke ke sath chal raha hai and Mummy ko Daddy ko manane kya karu and what all all together" Still dont worry they keep concentrating only to poke out the slightest mistake you just made . Not only by brains , these people are also well versed in multitasking too . No need for any explanation , just have look at our own Mom & you will have the answer to what all Multitasking a woman can do .            

Pani-Puri plays a very important role in their lives . I just wonder how can just a small water puff of as cheap as almost Rs.4 make up a billion dollar smile on their faces . I am sure if u ask them what would they prefer " A Date in a luxurious Restaurant " or " A Plate of Pani Puri " no doubt what their answer would be . Yeah you guessed it right . So never ever tell her " Bae ! I just hate Pani-Puris " ! Trust me she wont forgive you for life !!!


Girls are Shopping crazy ! Hey wanna join shopping and the answer is always a Yes !!! Be it just window shopping you will hardly hear a girl say No . They are just good at budgeting . If dad gives me a Rs.2000 note my shopping will be like A Rs.1200 Denims and Rs800 T , that's it and whereas if a girl goes shopping with Rs.2000 its like 5 Rs 100 Tops from the local store , Rs 600 Jeans , 2 Leggings of Rs 100 each Rs.200 Slippers , Rs 300 Cosmetics and an Ice cream for the balance . Amount is the same but productivity is more in their case . Shopping Gurus !! 

              Girls just love Gossips . More than whom those are related , they are more eager to just pass the news hot and fast ! They just love endless convos ! Now you gotta be thinking "Dude my crush doesn't like talking for long" Trust me you need to improve your conversation skill coz you are not interesting . Interesting talks are a big yes from their side no matter they reply to it or not they listen to it carefully . At a party , girls will see the sexy women faster than they will see sexy guys. They always want to know where their competition is and how they stack up against other girls in the room.  Here too there is  a big scope for lovely gossips . These convos are just like " Hey just look at here earrings . Just show off that's all . Looks pretty costly na . and then the reply that are like i just bought the same from Chandni Chowk for Rs100 and then the group roars a haaaannn.. that completes the convo . "Awwww" to are an important part of their vocabulary . Awwww baby , Awwww you bought this for me ?? , Awwww he is so cute , etc . Awwww factor are just posh exclaimations! The girls who use Awwww the most are the ones who at home are like " Mummyji Bartan dhoke rakh diye hai ab kapde dho deti hu " !!! Awwww Pity !!!

 Girls are defined by trust . If you win a girls trust ( its pretty hard) if she believes you , you can be termed as lucky to have a girls back . A girls trust is always an asset . She believes you blindly means you have won her trust . Ever happened to see those clingy Gfs checking out their Bf phones ? Trust me girls it way irritating . There are many private contends too !! These type of possessive girls are like Equity shares . Its an investment which will reap returns only after a long run!! So trust issues are a big deal with girls . Even Husbands are not spared in this radar . "Apki Secretary Rosy ne 1.35pm ko aur 1.37pm ko apko call kiya tha . Itna urgent kya kaam tha?" And poor hubby is like "Baby woh mai bathroom me tha na islea doobara call kiya tha " . "Poore din mai aap jab bathroom me gaye toh hi usne aapko call kyun kiya ? Aisa kya chakkar chalta hai Bathroom mai ?".... And then a journey off questioners . After all Trust issues !!!

                            Girls never wanna look Fat ! They love eating but hate getting fat !! I mean getting fat are the only con of eating too much and to compenste it you just need to workout a bit harder . There are a bunch of girls who are as thin as matchsticks , but when they look into mirrors , they are like " Am I looking Fat ??? " however slim they be they think they are fat  !! Machis ki tilli banke kaunsa rajkumar patana hai ? Khao piyo phulo phalo khush raho , that should be an ideal girl policy .

Marriage is a big headache for Girls . Studies over : Get Married, Got A job : Now get married, Failed exams: Get Married , Not getting a job : Get Married . I mean are they just here to get Married ??? Marriage pressure haunts them since childhood only . " Beta tu acche number nahi layegi toh mai tere hath peele kardunga " Parental Blackmailing , Dowry Pressures , Shyadi ke liye Manish Malhotra ka Lehenga , Elegant Makeup and all , Abb bacchi ki jaan loge kya ? They get irritated by this topic a lot !! I too just love to make fun of besties on the marriage topic . And they are like "Beta , Teri bhi ek din jarur hogi shadi , jyada udd mat ? Hahahah !!!

                     So what i gotta conclude is that tho these girls are clingy , irritating , crazy , careless , dumb people , at the same time they tend to be affectionate , intelligent , cheerful , ambitious , capable ,courageous , lovely , inspiring folks . In short , these people are  "THE BEST OF GOD'S CREATION" till date !! Lots of Love and Respect !!

~ Sinu 

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