“Lionel Messi is such a masterclass. He does things which seem quite impossible”

We all have seen and heard about people who are successful in what they do. their ability to do things outside the box and inspire others is tremendous. So how do they actually travel outside the box, what gives them the edge over others ? PASSION ?

What exactly is passion, what keeps people passionate; Passion is the core will power, the ultimate power that comes within the soul to do things continuously. It is the energy that fuels the dreams of people to do the impossible.

We all have heard people saying always be passionate in what you do. The point is will you be passionate in doing things you dislike. “No” absolutely NOT. When you love doing something repeatedly without getting bored and love literally love doing it then thats where passion comes. You want to hit the gym, build a solid body and if you’re passionate about it you would wake up without the buzz of the alarm.

So is getting passionate enough? Soon after dropping out from engineering i realized my entrepreneul mindset prior to several failures of year loss, parental pressure, my own negative thought-sand vibes. After several sleepless nights i started my venture Latido Leathers and started working on it passionately. I was doing things on my own without anybody forcing me.
But after months of starting up i underwent many failures in my own venture , employees leaving the work, lack of product management to name few.
Things were just not going right. That's when i realized being passionate alone is not enough .
There are 3 important factors associated with passion.

For me it was very easy to be distracted, going through my work i would end up bruising my mind with load of different content which made me loose my focus.
In a world where everything is digital and large amount of content is being shared and uploaded on the internet it is very easy to be distracted. Everybody is looking for attention . They want you to bu the latest tech gadget, the latest movie, the best designer clothes and accessories, the best food around, the bestselling book etc etc . With so many distractions it is very important to know where your ultimate attention is and where does your main focus lie.

"It is good to have knowledge about different things but very important to have your own specific focus. Ultimately where you focus is where your energy flows."

2) Independent Knowledge
To be honest I started my business when I was kid. I mean i was excited at that time but i realized with time that it was good that i had started up but it was more important for me to have knowledge about what i was supposed to do.
I started my own learning where i listed out important skills which was needed in business for eg sales/HR/finance/marketing/CRM etc etc . I invested time in my learning process so that i can focus more confidently. I invested time in learning from experienced people/events/seminars.
The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. So it is very important to learn and be passionate in doing the odd hard works.

Once you have identified your passion, have focused on it, got the necessary knowledge and skills it comes down to one big thing

3) Execution!!!!
I was going through a period where i was getting irritated with myself seeing no progress and realized that thinking about doing something is far different from doing something about it,I decided to start producing genuine leather shoes and collaborated with some shoe makers but over 6 months i just had this idea within me until i took the decision to invest and literally get started with it. It is when things were going wrong i realized the importance of execution. The ability to take actions is what separates the winners from the losers. No matter how passionate you are, how skilled you are, how great your idea is, it simply does not matter if you can’t execute things and create a difference. Execution is that hard part which asks you to do things which you may dislike, things which are out of your comfort zone.

It is very important to have self-awareness, ask yourself everyday where will i focus , where does my passion lie, what are the skills that i need , do i have the right skills needed, what should i do to get ahead , put your energy into your goal with passion and learn all the knowledge and execute them .

Your goal maybe quite difficult than what you may have imagined but as Jim Rohn says Pain is inevitable, its always there, Its either the pain of success or the pain of regrets. It’s your sole decision


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