Loving someone is not easy

Especially when you know that you can't end up together... 

But you still believe in seizing the day

Inviting your beloved to experience you and your love

And giving each other memories that you both can cherish forever 

I know its hard, its tough and mere thought of future give you chills, you start negotiating with yourself that you don't have to love someone just walk away from this mess, but then you realise how beautifully ruined this thing is and u can't walk away from it, you have to stay to see how the story ends... 

Years later when you will dress yourself in that beautiful Wedding lehenga ready to start a new life and be someone's wife... 

The thought of your incomplete love will strike you at least once, and u think How's his life going, is he married or busy with his job.. 

Does he still sing that song which was his favourite ,does he still looks charming in those trousers, does he still think about you the same way you do or he moved onn, 

You'll want him to be happy, but the thought of him with someone else would still kill you inside

But just be happy... It doesn't matter if you are together for an year or a month, or just a moment... Atleast you got to experience what love feels like.. Some people could be together for a lifetime and still won't experience that... 

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Comments on this beam

  • NEO NEO says:

    nice one....turn it in a poem....will be more awesome

  • Sahil Khan Sahil Khan says:

    Spending the life being single is better than Spending time the person you don't love.

  • Sahil Khan Sahil Khan says:

    With the*

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