To be honest about it and want to wrap this question easily,

Because Indian government ban porn and GOT has a high level of sex and intimate moments.


Just kidding(maybe not)


I was thinking the other day about game of thrones connection with India,

And what I found was, we manufacture the swords and stuff, we make CGI of dragons.

That was not my answer, cause while I watch GOT, I feel connected to it like

Yes, it can happen here too.


1.       They have families, we have rajavadas

The stark, the Lannister, the Targaryen.

These are the family basically rule the seven kingdoms.and others, the small one joins them.

Why this concept is so familiar cause we have the same thing here called rajvadas.

The gaykwads and rajput and so on.

They ruled India for many years with help of little states and their leader and they also marry

Interstate for peace.


2.       Dragon and rakshasa

Apart from really cool looks and flying ability, we have similar demons in our mythology.

We have loads and loads of demons here.

When we read Ramayana or Mahabharata, its like in every 10 page, any asura or demons has been killed.

I just read in wiki that there was an Indian asura who kind of like dragon or serpent, its called vritira.


3.       Bastard son

Who doesn’t admire when John Snow, a bastard son become king in the north or when he defeat Ramsey another bastard in war.

Well, we have that too.

In Mahabharata, all Pandavas married to Draupadi but then they all have another son with another woman.but we don’t have that culture to call them bastards.


4.       The conspiracy


Open any Indian mythological book like Ramayana or Mahabharata,

Or if you don’t want to go back that far, read about Mughal dynasty.

There are so many incidents in Indian history to overthrow a king and make a new one.

 That’s why we don’t get surprised when Baratheon get killed or mad king.

Because we practically know that from stories.


5.       The red wedding

Killing the groom and dragging the bride away by bandits

Killing the families in a wedding.

We have all seen it in Indian movies.

Those old Chambal ka daku type movies.

I was surprised why we Indian got shocked about it.

Open any desi movies channel or b grade one and you would have your

Red wedding Indian style.


6.       The three eyed raven

Who doesn't remember Sanjay from Mahabharata who gives live commentary to dhutrastra.

Apart from that, we have a vast number of guru and yogi who sees and knows a thing before it happened and the best one was Krishna. Even if he does anything simple as bless Draupadi when she tied a piece of cloth in his bleeding hand, we would never have imagined that he will pay it back like in Draupadi  Chir Haran. There were numerous times when he do something insignificant but it has extraordinary repels. Think about it.


7.       The nights watch and the wall

I couldn't find anything about that but I can speculate something.

The wall can be great Himalayan mountain, to stop foreign invader,

Not particularly white-walker of course but like no one knows who made the wall and also in so little time, there has been a scientific discovery about the part ocean in place of the mountain.

 When the platonic shift happened, the great Himalayan mountain rose from the below and ever since protected us.


Not as much as a protector but all those sadhus in Himalaya can be compared to it.

Like they also swore an oath of celibacy and maybe in future they will protect us when kalyug will end and D-day comes.


8.       Wildlings

It's easy, the untouchables of India, the Dalits.

We out cast them from the city and refuse to take them in.

We think that they must be “wild” and eat the uneatable.

But like modern society, John snow take their side and let them come inside the wall.

Just like Gandhi did.


9.       No happy ending

Well the game is not over yet for game of thrones so we can compare it like

No happy ending in the middle of the story.

When ram has to go to vanvas and Ravan kidnap Sita,

Or Pandavas 12-year vanvas and also losing his everything in a game.

Or when Parvati Ji died in shivpuran.

Or the 1857 Indian freedom movement which went terribly wrong and the last Mughal was beheaded like Ned Stark.

We have to see the whole story of GOT to find out if it's true to have a

A bittersweet ending like R.R Martin said.


10.   Whitewalkers

Honestly, I can’t find any reference about that, but there is one in particular whom can we compare to white-walker.

Remember the famous picture of goddess Kali who step on Lord Shiva.

It happened when she defeats the asura called rakhtbija, means


"He for whom each drop of blood is a seed"


So when the one asura died, his one blood drop makes another asura, something like a white walker that they can make deads alive. As I said not the same but somewhat same.




So if you find any other resemblance, do let me know, otherwise who need a reason to watch

The Game of Thrones.

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