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A warrior's nap

the bizarre morning wake him up.,searching for what ,stared the empty cup.cold was enough to make hi...


So, Today I'm going to speak on you know kinda Controversial Topic.Oh! You're a Social Media 'femini...

Why do I write?

I write to ease my conflicts and feel light like a feather and better after weighty endure.I writ...

Not 'forwarded as received'

Have you ever received a WhatsApp message that sounded more like a warning/announcement and instantl...

Game of Passion

“Lionel Messi is such a masterclass. He does things which seem quite impossible” We all have s...


The first time I loved you, I felt something so deep,It was you on my mind, that made me not sleep.T...

Things You Need While Driving

Hello People, as this is my first article I would like to introduce myself first I am Priyanka and w...

Reclaiming the Indian Art - GetMeCraft

New Rising Era of Good Old Indian Stone Art with use of booming online store and social media platfo...

A Prisoner Of Misogyny

Show some love to my blog! I feel caged. There's bracelet of chains and a necklace of belts. These o...

Out of Reach

Running Down a Dark BeachStuck between my toes, Wet Sand.Lone never leaves, though Out of Reach.We d...

Wandering in Negative thoughts...

Negative thoughts...aww no one like this, i am damn sure you are also disliking these but still, do ...


Was messing up my shelfTo clean it out myselfGotta book to look Un-tied its hookDon't expect it to b...

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