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    In this cut-throat competitive world, every talent needs a platform to prove...

Shadow in the Dark

The city wore the fear of the demons, Scars were the story of the inhabitants., where the day ...


The last ray of light escaped as the door closed shut. A large innocent pair of eyes blinked in the ...

Where am i safe?

Every second morning i wake up to the news of a girl being raped. Most of the time victim is just no...

Why do You Need to Be on LinkedIn? Like Right Now

So you are a social media navigator, sailing unto the sea of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat ...

The language problem

The Indian nation is characterized by a variety of cultural tradition and multiplicity of languages....

Make in India vs Incredible India

Make in India is an initiative of the Indian Government to improve the condition of Indian market an...

Language equilibrium from barrier to biased

1652, one thousand, six hundred and fifty-two, It’s not just a number, its total amount of languag...

Bitcoin Soar Higher: A Bubble or Beginning of the Next Big Thing

Why my timeline is flooded with the word Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Why are people hailing it as a ...


A long time agoWhen flip phones were coolAnd gas was still cheapI started school.The rules were simp...

The Dark Knight : when Unstoppable force meets an immovable object

There was a time when I hate batman from my guts, I think it’s because I didn’t like those movie...

Inferno - Book Review

Dan Brown gets an A, as usual, for writing style. He keeps the reader turning the pages. But this ti...

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