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The Letter

Last night, I wrote a letterThe letter was meant for youThe words penned in that letterWere heartfel...

Love or Infatuation

You thought you loved her. Didn't you? But soon you realised it was just an infatuation. Now she...

The compliment is enough to bring a smile on every girl face and suits Orane

Orane Institute Of Beauty And Wellness Gandhinagar The quote perfectly suits for ORANE. Orane Gan...


Away from the homeland, survivor yearned to go back home, the cherished memories evoked that turn...

Choose the best wrongful death attorney for your case

If the negligent action or any intentional action of an individual or a company has caused your love...

Real We

Real EyesRealizeReal lies !...

Scared Short Stories

Cloth of velvet, cloth of slik; they gifted her every one of them. Most of the time these clothes ha...

The #BlogBold Project

With much encouragement from blogging communities, friends and foes on Twitter, I resume writing aga...

Passing the time or killing it?

Time runs, it is running with a constant speed from ages. You cannot hide from its reality. One day ...

Most Offensive certainties about the world

The Universe is brimming with shocks and instabilities. Nobody can legitimize everything, not ...

white Lion...!

Up until 2009, when the first pride of white lions was reintroduced to the wild, it was widely belie...

Your Bodyguard.

To the times when life was not hardWanted a doll, so i prayed to lord.I always held myself responsib...

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