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Learn How to Create website with Easy Code Tutorial.

Learn how to create dynamic web sites and PHP scripts using PHP in Hindi or Urdu tutorial, It is ver...

Seven ways in which to boost your balance

Work on it, for the sake of your social life: Ageing typically ends up in a loss of ...

Diamond IS a Failure

...The other i was listening to "Diamonds" by Rihanna. The Intro "Shine Bright like a...

A Prisoner Of Misogyny

Show some love to my blog! I feel caged. There's bracelet of chains and a necklace of belts. These o...

Sweet lies

Her smile is but a facile disguiseA clever facade to hide flimsy lies.So happy were we, until she di...

The Story of How Digital World was established - The Millenial natives

Digital natives-The millennials    Millennials are the demographic cohort who we...

Not 'forwarded as received'

Have you ever received a WhatsApp message that sounded more like a warning/announcement and instantl...

Lets be together once again

Walking Through the busy street ,I stare at every strangers face .Seldom do i wish if it was someone...

Reclaiming the Indian Art - GetMeCraft

New Rising Era of Good Old Indian Stone Art with use of booming online store and social media platfo...

Why Indian individuals believe Narendra Modi

By recent tweet, India Trusts just one person .Not any party. Not Any faith. Not any caste. Just one...

I Will Adjust

Vijay and Suvarna are my uncle's children.  The uncle was third  of six of my mother's bro...

Would you stay?

Would you stay with me tonight?If I say, I don't want our clothes to be ripped off.If I say, I want ...

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