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10 reason why Indian loves Game of thrones

To be honest about it and want to wrap this question easily,Because Indian government ban porn and G...

One Day, We Will Miss Our Teacher- Happy Teachers Day!!

One day many modernites would be staying at some place doing some business/job holding a degree from...

Game of Passion

“Lionel Messi is such a masterclass. He does things which seem quite impossible” We all have s...


So the rakhi is near, girls are purchasing rakhis to tie them on hands of their brothers and boys a...

The #BlogBold Project

With much encouragement from blogging communities, friends and foes on Twitter, I resume writing aga...

Trying to Write on Indiebeam!

It's been over a couple of weeks that I have been tryng to post on Indiebeam. It was successful toda...

The old house

Home, which was once ours, had now turned desolated, where the wind now blew the miscellany of our l...

5 Things you’re going to Miss Once You Move out from your Parent’s House

 Living on your own does sound fancy, doesn’t it? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have...

How can startups stay Inspired and Productive at the same time?

It is truly believed that “ Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commun...

What's wrong??

Do you often ask yourself this question? Well I do a lot  ! There is this new swag that runs ar...


Tea aka chai (as we Indians prefer to call it) is our dearest buddy of all time. We love it so much ...

The Dark Knight : when Unstoppable force meets an immovable object

There was a time when I hate batman from my guts, I think it’s because I didn’t like those movie...

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