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The days are gone.

The days are gone,where two souls were innocent and identical.The turbulence created inside the mind...

The girl from the hills

She  had carefully packed all her things. tomorrow was a big day for her. She wanted to sleep e...

Earn money unlimited

------Welcome to Questra World-----The world's First Investment Company Offered Passive and Affliate...


TRUSTWe started out as friends messing aroundNever took note of all that I've ever feltA small smile...

Learn How to Create website with Easy Code Tutorial.

Learn how to create dynamic web sites and PHP scripts using PHP in Hindi or Urdu tutorial, It is ver...

Passing the time or killing it?

Time runs, it is running with a constant speed from ages. You cannot hide from its reality. One day ...

Voting: Our supreme weapon

Any country which follows the Democratic system; must follow the voting system. Voting is not only t...

#MeToo: Four times! Forever...

Fyi, the #MeToo is not all about women being sexually assaulted, harassed or other way. Some men hav...

Would you stay?

Would you stay with me tonight?If I say, I don't want our clothes to be ripped off.If I say, I want ...

An old man

Like every morning he woke up to the first rays of sun. As usual, after having his morning  tea...

Self-Awareness, Why is it the most important?

From the day one, when we start observing the world with our own eyes and we try hard to solve the ...

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