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A Brighter Tomorrow

Each day is a new beginingAn awekening from the yesterday ,Sweet and Sour memories all it hasLeaving...

How to Create a website in Easy Way.

welcome to my channel. This channel is for HOW To Create a Website for BeginnersFor More Videos Subs...

Justice League Review

Justice League ReviewGod vs DemonsHello Folks,As I said before in my first blog, just befo...

Lets be together once again

Walking Through the busy street ,I stare at every strangers face .Seldom do i wish if it was someone...

3 Diseases and you are the Doctor, Let’s cure them all.

It’s the end of 2017 and everywhere, people are concerned about their future they just want to hav...

Modern Fairy Tale

It was the day Mumbai was drowning, out of concern I asked him on Twitter whether he was safe as he ...

The Vampire

Golden rays from theLate afternoon sunSink their shimmering fingersBack into the Earth.Sister moon y...

Scared Short Stories

Cloth of velvet, cloth of slik; they gifted her every one of them. Most of the time these clothes ha...

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Hello Folks,I guess you’re a big fan of MARVEL Universe. So let’s get started to discuss about t...


The last ray of light escaped as the door closed shut. A large innocent pair of eyes blinked in the ...


Let us start from scratchOnce again.When you didn't know meAnd I didn't know youWhen we tried talkin...

Why do You Need to Be on LinkedIn? Like Right Now

So you are a social media navigator, sailing unto the sea of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat ...

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