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The Journey before the curtain falls

Walking With the daily chaos ,Seldom do i wonder ,How will be my tomorrow ?And What is kept for me n...

Posted On : 23-01-2018

#BajrangiTwitter, That Escalated Quickly

I don't use twitter nowadays, but suddenly I get many notifications of  #BajrangiTwitter, i...

Posted On : 07-04-2018


beautiful cretures of the earth...

Posted On : 21-03-2018

In that moment

For Me, it was like undressing my heart And open up Strip down to the core For you to see m...

Posted On : 03-04-2018

Real Incident: Me, My Wife and the Transgender at Vaishno Devi Temple Ahmedabad

It was Sunday evening and I was completely relaxed on that day as no office and not any social work ...

Posted On : 04-04-2018

assassins creed

Development Ubisoft Montreal is the lead development studio on Origins, with the team compri...

Posted On : 19-03-2018

Not 'forwarded as received'

Have you ever received a WhatsApp message that sounded more like a warning/announcement and instantl...

Posted On : 09-04-2018

white Lion...!

Up until 2009, when the first pride of white lions was reintroduced to the wild, it was widely belie...

Posted On : 29-03-2018

let stay together

Walking Through the busy street , I stare at every strangers face . Seldom do i wish if it was...

Posted On : 11-04-2018

Diamond IS a Failure

...The other i was listening to "Diamonds" by Rihanna. The Intro "Shine Bright like a...

Posted On : 21-04-2018

It's stuck in my head

Found a monster Not behind the doors Not under my bed It is stuck in my head. Stress is alive ...

Posted On : 17-04-2018


Penguins Temporal range: Paleocene-recent, 62–0 Ma PreЄ ...

Posted On : 22-04-2018

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