Time runs, it is running with a constant speed from ages. You cannot hide from its reality. One day you have to face it...for how many hours/days/week/months would you avoid it. One day the day will come.

What will you do then? Again try to escape? or collect the courage and stand and face it? At that time you will realise-"what I did today I wish I  would had done earlier."

You would have then save time..yes, time which never stops will never stop,(save it!). It is the most precious thing you have, use it constructively. Work hard, very hard do not wait for tomorrow, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Every now and then You let the time flow, when you do not have something to do you just use a thing that kills it, you are not passing the time you are just killing it. If you will use time efficiently you will create an ability within yourself to achieve things three folds earlier., try once.

Do not wait for time as it waits for none!

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