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The Battle of Universe

The universe set up the stage,the warriors resting in the cage.the owl announced the battle,somethin...

Posted On : 05-02-2018

Shopping in Ahmedabad: Walk, Bargain and Shop

Ahmedabad is the place everyone wants to live but no one wants to pay the rent, just kidding. It’s...

Posted On : 03-02-2018

All Of It's A Bust

I officially give upI've shed too many tearsI still cannot attachEven after all these yearsI give it...

Posted On : 27-01-2018

The Reflection

The names were on the chart ,he strolled along beside the cart.a apathetic dreamer ,a night thinker,...

Posted On : 26-01-2018

Be like Sam

The kid named Sam, a weird  and wild creature, see the world upside down,deals with the...

Posted On : 21-02-2018

Another New Year

It's January 1st, the day is finally here!Forget about the last one, this one will be an awesome yea...

Posted On : 27-01-2018

International woman’s day: Google doddle, hype, and hocus pocus

One thing I want to clear out earlier, I loved today's Google doodle, not because of its empower...

Posted On : 08-03-2018


   The path was sunlit, shaded by trees. Flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, wilde...

Posted On : 28-02-2018


Was messing up my shelfTo clean it out myselfGotta book to look Un-tied its hookDon't expect it to b...

Posted On : 13-02-2018

I am so popular

Popularity is something all human beings hanker after. Man is a social animal and unless he is a rec...

Posted On : 08-03-2018


New Year Jitters2017 gone with some blurry images, good deeds, and memories.New year have touched do...

Posted On : 28-01-2018

Pariniti : The Beggar who shared tales

          It was just a casual journey . I was travelling from my home town...

Posted On : 18-03-2018

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